We are a physical fitness training facility where we offer hour-long group classes using a proprietary fitness program that allows all its participants to achieve results efficiently.

Our program has shown to be 100% effective in all levels of expertise when it comes to achieve RESULTS.  

For the past 5 years we have been serving our community with hundreds of satisfied clients who are now stronger, faster, happier and healthier that they ever where.


CoreMotif [kôr - mö'teef]

“The fundamental reason inspiring action towards self-growth”

Our name comes from the fusion between “Core” (central and essential component of something) and “Motif” (Main element or motive of an action); both which represent the cornerstones of our philosophy. 

We know each and every one of us is capable of attaining any goal as long as the motivation comes from deep within. Hence, we focus on providing tools and methods, proven to be effective, in order to find that “central motive”, inspire action and overcome any obstacle ahead. 

Meet Our Staff

Nicolle (Nicky)


Karyn Ojeda


Daniel Abidar


Alaikari Aldecoa

Corporate Manager

Veronica Ojeda

Customer Sales Representative

Assistant Manager

Antonieta Gil

Customer Sales Representative

Rodolfo Salas

Co-Founder / Coach

Ma Evangelina Salas

Co-Founder / Coach

Rodrigo Salas, MD.

Co-Founder / Coach